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About EMG

Emeldi Group consisting of 5 software companies in 4 countries has made a top management decision to launch the first eCOMMERCE TELECOM Super App platform using blockchain technology for all customer orders, payment transactions and new customer contract authentication. EMG will have at its disposal the portfolio of legacy software products & assets Emeldi Commerce®.

EMG NFT Marketplace

This will be the first project using our E-commerce platform to offer a comprehensive digital marketplace for buying and selling all manner of digital products and services, such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), artwork, E-games, digital tickets to online performances, and community subscriptions. Emeldi Group has spent over 20,000 man-days and counting of software design and development efforts in the original platform.

We have an installed base with prestigious clients both in the Telecoms (e.g. T-Mobile, Telefonica O2) and the Banking Sectors (KBC, ING, GE Capital & GE Money). The software incorporates an open microservices architecture, a mature set of CRM functions, and an Enterprise Product Catalogue. It is recognized in the telecom industry as a leading product of its kind.

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